Message: “Stewardship: Save, Spend, Invest” from Pastor Joel Barrere

Pastor Joel Barrere - May 7, 2023

Stewardship: Growing the Gift of God

We have all been given a measure of "talent" to use for God. Jesus is coming back some day to call us to account. Whether we are given much or little, if we grow our gift, the Master will be pleased and reward us! . . . Life Bible Church is a non-denominational church located in Canton GA Join us for our in-person gatherings at 9:00​​​​ AM, and 11:00 AM You can also join remotely for our 11:00 AM service on our Website -

From Series: "Stewardship: Managing the Master's House"

God owns everything there is, no exceptions, so what about human ownership? The question is answered with one revelation: we are not owners, but servants and stewards. Stewards must be found faithful.

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